August 2019: 300 W. State $699. Waldron Square $499.

For Parents - 300 W. State Street

We know sending your child off to college can be scary, but we are here to help alleviate your stress. Marc Muinzer and his team have owned, developed and managed apartments near Purdue University and throughout the Midwest for nearly 20 years. Our goal is to offer safe, secure, quality housing options for student that are only steps away from the heart of Purdue University’s campus. 

Our newest 300 West State Street location is the perfect place for your student to find their next home. The building design incorporates a safe, secure, modern, boutique style that residents can be proud of while also keeping in mind functionality. With our fully-furnished apartments, we are creating an effortless home-away-from-home so students can focus on their academic success. 


Students travel from all across the world to be able to attend Purdue University, and we understand that not all students have access to transportation while they are here. Muinzer Management has found the perfect solution so students won’t have to wait for busses, rent a car, or order ride-sharing just to pick-up a couple items for the store. There will be a Target Express on the street level of the building that individuals will be able to visit for some of their basic necessities such as fresh food and apartment essentials. 


Have four friends that want to live together? Perfect! Your student wants a four bedroom but doesn’t have four people? Great! We offer both individual and joint liability leases. Individual leasing means that you are only responsible for your rent, your bedroom, and the shared common-area. Joint liability leasing is where all roommates come together to fill an entire apartment and are all equally responsible for each other. The benefit of the joint lease is that it does come with a rent discount! 


We understand as students move to college that they might not have an entire apartment worth of furniture. Purchasing the large furniture such as the bed, dresser, couch, etc. can be very expensive. We provide fully-furnished apartments that also come with washer & dryer!


Being away from the safety and security of home can be nerve wracking. We want to help ease your mind with all of the security features we have to offer. Entry to the residential area of the building, elevators, and stairwells will be restricted by key fob access only. Video surveillance of all common areas is monitored to ensure resident safety. Unlike older apartments in the area, residents will also have bedroom door locks if they would like their own privacy.